Excuses and Pleas

childfree blogging

As I’ve said in past blog posts, one of my big reasons for starting this blog was to put the childfree perspective out there and as I approach a year, I realize I’ve failed. I’ve said time and time again, I need to do more on childfree and I just haven’t. Here are my excuses […]

Let’s Go to Dinner in Raleigh/Durham, NC

Where to go to dinner in Raleigh and Durham, NC

Finally, the best meal, DINNER. Here are my dinner picks for Raleigh & Durham, North Carolina. A good dinner really helps to turn a bad day around and makes a good day better. P and I are huge fans of going to at least one nice dinner in the middle of the week. Just a […]

Casual Observations: CA vs NC

Confession post CA vs NC differences

Californians call interstates/highways, freeways and reference them using “the”. In NC, interstates are called interstates and referenced with “I”. In NC it would be “I-40″ and here it would be “the 40″. The water. I pretty much kicked the bottle water habit this past year but I’m afraid I might have to go back. The […]

Let’s Grab a Beer in Raleigh/Durham, NC

Craft beer in Raleigh and Durham, NC

The craft beer scene has exploded in North Carolina in the past 5 years. If you plan a trip to North Carolina just for the beer, I would recommend Asheville. However, the Triangle would be a close second for concentration of breweries. Below are some of the breweries, beer bars, and craft stores that P […]