March Monthly Goals


I really don’t even know how to address my goals from February…so I’m not going to Basically, I did none of them. Let’s just start fresh, shall we? Alright then. March Goals Let’s assume I try to mark off some of the items on the February list, without listing them all here in March. So […]

Breaking the Fog of February

Blur 2

February was a blur of a month with a sharp punctuation. It was a fog, something that begs to be wiped away, but never will be. February will forever be the marked by the passing of P’s mom. It was a long month, it was a short month (much too short), it was stressful, sad, […]

Into The Pint Glass: Stout

Description of Stout beers

Welcome to the 2nd Into The Pint Glass link-up with me and Katie from The Hungry Goat!! Last time we explored pilsners, this time we are taking a complete 180 and going to the dark side by diving into stouts. To be honest stouts are not my go to beer style. I’m really like my […]

Into the Pint Glass: Pilsner

Beer Style Pilsner

Yay!!! Welcome to our very first Into The Pint Glass post!! I’m so excited to be joining Katie (The Hungry Goat) to share a little about the pilsner beer style with you. So, let’s dive into that pint glass, shall we… Pilsner, also known as pilsener, pilsen, or pils is a type of pale lager. […]