Cuyamaca Rancho State Park: Green Valley Loop


This hike started in the Green Valley Campground, at the Arroyo Seco Picnic Area.  I’m calling it the Green Valley Loop, which was what I found on, but it is a combination of a few trails together to make the loop, and we did it a bit different than the original poster on alltrails. […]

Animal in Los Angeles


Animal was what P & I based our little weekend jaunt to LA around (more on that next week). Animal shows up on a ton of lists for best of this or that, and well it seemed right up our alley. I’m so happy we got to give it a try. It was so good […]

Into The Pint Glass: Hefeweizen


Well HELLOOOO THERE!! Katie and I are back Into The Pint Glass, that time of the month where we drink and talk about beer, and today we are discussing Hefeweizen. This is one of the styles I’m know, for well, pretty much hating except for a very select few. However, this is also a style […]

Hollenbeck Canyon Trail


Hollenbeck Canyon Trail is outside of Jamal, CA, about 30 minutes from San Diego. This was our first time out in this direction. It felt very much like you were in the country; old west feeling. This was the longest and hottest hike we have attempted to-date. This hike is a 6 mile loop and […]