April Monthly Goals


Guys, I can’t fully express to you how much better I felt this month. I just had more energy and felt more productive, I have not felt this good in months. I didn’t quite get everything I wanted to get done (who does, really), but I got a lot of things checked-off and just felt […]

Reuben Deviled Eggs

Reuben Deviled Eggs

I have a slight obsession with deviled eggs. Anytime we have people over or we go to a potluck deviled eggs are my go-to dish. This particular egg recipe was inspired by a Couple Cooks reuben grilled cheese. I thought this reuben spin might work in deviled egg form, it has a mayonnaise like substance […]

Have You Met Our Cat Eddie


Since Sam got his own post, Eddie demanded equal page time. He’s a very demanding little kitten, and I don’t who showed him how to turn on the computer! I’ve had Eddie since 2001, and got him at about 4-5 months old. He came from a cat rescue organization. A few little fun facts to […]

Discovering San Diego: January & February 2015

Discovering San Diego January & February 2015

I declared in my December Discovering San Diego post that January would be less busy, well it turned out February was. Since we were not in San Diego for a good amount of February we had little adventures last month. Almost all of the below happened in January. I felt like I had some good […]