Shepherd’s Pie


I’m finally sharing another recipe!! Shepherd’s Pie is a favorite cozy dish of mine! What is there not to like: lamb, veggies, mashed potatoes, and in my version cheese (of course). This dish is so warm and filling, perfect for a chilly evening. It is a little time consuming since it requires a multiple steps […]

Five Books For When You Are On Hold

Book Recommendations

I’ve been inspired by all the other lovely bloggers who have been posting about books lately. Since I started the blog I’ve really fallen off the reading wagon. I use to read two or three books in a week. I think this last year I’ve read maybe 12?? One thing that struck me is how […]

Kitchen Confessions Vol. 3


I’m a fairly adventurous eater and will try most new things, but I have to draw the line at bugs. I saw this article, about cricket flour and thought no, no, no. The article makes some interesting points, but I just can’t. I have a similar aversion to eel. Would you try a cricket flour […]

4th Qtr Report (2013-2014)

one year of blogging

It has been a year (last week) since I started this space!?! I really can’t believe it, it certainly doesn’t feel that long. I still feel like a beginner. I haven’t been very focused on the blog in the last several months, but I’m definitely picking it back up and trying to put more energy […]